How to Apply

1. Click the “APPLY NOW” to see the apply option.

2. Copy the email address e.g.
3. Paste the copied email in the Application email box.
4. Write your full name.
5. Insert your email address.
6. Insert your cell number.
7. Attach your CV/Resume, it could be either PDF format nither Word/DOC format.
8. Write your cover letter if required or you can write e.g.

Dear Hiring Manager,
Herewith I have attached my resume/cv for your consideration. Please find the attachement for your reference.
Best Regards,

9. You can enlarge the box’s hight by dragging the marking area.
10. Click the “SEND APPLICATION” to complete the application process.

11.You will get a confirmation message e.g. Your application has been sent to the employer.